Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 (1st Issue)

10,000 Yen Gold Proof Coin

“Yabusame and kanji characters Shin-gi-tai”

Obverse design
Yabusame, (horseback archery), arranged with kanji characters “心技体” (“Shin-gi-tai”; meaning spirit, technique and physical strength), an expression familiar to Japanese people as symbolizing the philosophy of sport.
Reverse design
The official emblem of Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Date of Issue 2018
Denomination 10,000 yen
Composition Pure Gold
Weight 15.6g
Diameter 26mm
Other features Helical Ridges
Mintage (Allocation to overseas) 40,000 pieces (Maximum of 4,000 pieces)

1,000 Yen Silver Proof Coin


Obverse design
Players of the Aquatics, arranged with traditional Japanese pattern “Ryusui” expressing the flow of water.
Reverse design
The official emblem of Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, together with cherry blossoms (Someiyoshino) and ginkgo leaves, which are designated as the prefectural flower and the prefectural tree of Tokyo.

Date of Issue 2018
Denomination 1,000 yen
Composition Pure Silver
Weight 31.1g
Diameter 40mm
Other features Helical Ridges, Latent Image
Mintage 100,000 pieces
Limitation of this set (Allocation to overseas) 90,000 pieces (Maximum of 9,000 pieces)

100 Yen Clad Coin


Obverse design
The design features players of the Fencing.
Reverse design
Official emblem of Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Date of Issue 2018 / The 30th Year of Heisei
Denomination 100 yen
Composition Cupronickel and copper (Copper: 87.5%; Nickel: 12.5%)
Weight 4.8g
Diameter 22.6mm
Other features Helical ridges, etc.
Mintage 3,948,000 pieces
Limitation of this coin (Allocation to overseas) (Only available through Complete Set of Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 500 Yen Bicolor Clad and 100 Yen Clad Commemorative Coins)

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