Nota Bene

The following is specific to the contents of the “Japan Mint Web Site” (hereafter the Site). Web sites linked to the Site are therefore not subject to the following conditions.


The specific content of this Site (text, graphics and illustrations, etc.), as well as the Site itself, are copyrighted. Copyright ownership is protected under both Japanese copyright law and international agreements. The information included in this Site may be copied or reproduced except for the following cases. When copied or reproduced, the source, Japan Mint, should explicitly be credited.
  1. Making a copy or reproduction of the content for commercial purposes.
  2. Using the files with notations to contact Japan Mint.
  3. Making a copy or reproduction of the graphics, illustrations, or other image data.
In the cases of 1, 2, or 3, please contact the Public Relations Office, General Affairs Section, Japan Mint to request permission. The contents of the Site cannot be altered or erased in whole or in part without the prior written permission of Japan Mint.


Japan Mint takes reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of information available on the Site, however, Japan Mint does not guarantee, and assumes no responsibility for consequences, including damages, arising out of or in connection with the use of any information that is available from this Site.

Link to the Site

This Site is link free. When creating a link, however;
  1. Provide explicit credit that the link is connected to Japan Mint Web Site.
  2. Avoid links that give the user the impression that part or all of Japan Mint Web site is (a) a part of the linked site, and/or (b) a site for which payment or membership is required.
  3. Acknowledge that, with the exception of the URL address for the front page, URL addresses may be altered or erased without prior notification.
The address of the linked site should be sent to Opinions and Questions after the creation.

Alternations to the Contents of the Site

Japan Mint reserves the right to alter or erase the contents of this Site without any notification in advance.