2nd Floor – Experience Corner


You can lift a "Senryoubako " here. Originally a chest containing 1,000 gold "Kobang coins," it was used for storing, saving, and carrying such coins. Made of oak with clasp and iron band, it weighs about 20kg. Try and lift it!

Image of Senryoubako

Coin Bags

After inspection, approved coins are accurately counted and bagged. The new coins are delivered to the Bank of Japan via the Ministry of Finance. For example, the 500-yen bag, containing 2,000 500-yen coins, weighs about 14kg. Can you lift it?

Image of Coin Bags

Gold and Silver Bullion Bars

You can touch these gold and silver bullion bars.

Image of Gold and Silver Bullion Bars

Wooden Puzzle

We have created wooden puzzles featuring "20 yen gold coin," "500-yen coin," "Kanei Tsuho" and "Miniature at the Time of the Mint's Establishment." Try to solve them!

Image of Wooden Puzzle