Order Production Process 1

Japan Mint is producing the following orders (decorations) and medals of honor upon requests made by Decoration Bureau, Cabinet Office.
Since orders (decorations) are conferred on those who have rendered service to the nation or the public and medals of honor are awarded to those whose achievements or conduct have contributed in certain fields of society, these orders (decorations) and medals of honor must possess elements of beauty and dignity. Therefore they are mainly produced by hand with great care and fine technique.


Image of Dies

The pattern is engraved by a numerical control engraving machine to make a working die.


Image of Impressing

Silver plates are mechanically impressed with the design of the master die.

Image of Moving PictureMoving Picture of Impressing


Image of Impressing-2

Silver plates are mechanically stampted with the blanking die.


Image of Trimming

Unneeded portions are trimmed with a wire electrical discharge machine.


Image of Filing

The blank is finished by filing.

Image of Moving PictureMoving Picture of Filing


Image of Glazing

The impressed blank is glazed with cloisonne enamels.

Image of Moving PictureMoving Picture of Glazing

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