Production of Orders & Medals of Honor, Etc

Japan Mint is producing the following orders (decorations) and medals of honor upon requests made by Decoration Bureau, Cabinet Office.
Since orders (decorations) are conferred on those who have rendered service to the nation or the public and medals of honor are awarded to those whose achievements or conduct have contributed in certain fields of society, these orders (decorations) and medals of honor must possess elements of beauty and dignity. Therefore they are mainly produced by hand with great care and fine technique.

  • Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum
  • Grand Cordon of the Order of the Paulownia Flowers
  • Order of the Rising Sun
  • Order of the Precious Crown
  • Order of the Sacred Treasure
  • Order of Culture
  • Medal of Honor

For more information and pictures, please visit Website of the Decoration Bureau, Cabinet Office.