World Coins : Design of World Coins

We can say that the design of coin tells about history, history of manners and history of culture of each country. Every country struggles to express features of its country through the design of coin. The design of world coin is widespread from portrait, initial, crest, animal and to plant.

Asian Coins

Designs of South Korean and Chinese coins are similar to Japanese ones. Head, royal arms, animal and plant are on Asian coins. You can see tiger and lion on Indian and Southeast Asian coins, and moon and star on Middle Eastern coins.

Image of Design, Rice PlantDesign: Rice Plant
50won, South Korea
Image of Design, TigerDesign: Tiger
2rupee, India
Image of Design, Crescent and StarDesign: Crescent and Star
10paisa, Islamic Rep. of Pakistan

Oceania Coins

Since Australia and New Zealand are in the British Commonwealth, we can see the Queen of England on their coins. Bird, fish and kangaroo are on the other side of their coins.

Image of Design, Frilled LizardDesign: Frilled Lizard
2cent, Australia
Image of Design, KangarooDesign: Kangaroo
50cent, Australia
Image of Design, KiwiDesign: Kiwi
1dollar, New Zealand

African Coins

Since many African countries were used to be colonies of England or France, their coins have a lot in common with English or French coins.

Image of Design, Blue CraneDesign: Blue Crane
5cent, South Africa
Image of Design, KuduDesign: Kudu
2rand, South Africa
Image of Design, Cacao BeanDesign: Cacao Bean
10cedi, Rep. of Ghana

European Coins

Since European countries have long histories, head, royal arms and crown tend to be on their coins.

Image of Design, CrownDesign: Crown
50ore, Denmark
Image of Design, Rice PlantDesign: Coats-of -arms of the nine provinces of Austria
100schilling, Austria
Image of Design, Queen Elizabeth IIDesign: Queen Elizabeth II
5pound, Great Britain

North American Coins

Hawk, the Goddess of Liberty and portrait of president are on North American coins. You can see Queen of England, maple leaf and elk on Canadian coins. Central and South American coins are similar to Spanish and English coins.

Image of Design, The Goddess of LibertyDesign: The Goddess of Liberty
1dollar, the United States
Image of Design, CaribouDesign: Caribou
25cent, Canada
Image of Design, Eagle and SnakeDesign: Eagle and Snake
5peso, Mexico

South American Coins

You can see royal arms, hero and loyalist on South American coins.

Image of Design, CondorDesign: Condor
10escudo, Rep. of Chile
Image of Design, Duarte, Founding FatherDesign: Duarte, Founding Father
1peso, Dominican Rep.
Image of Design, Nazca LinesDesign: Nazca Lines
5sol, Rep. of Peru

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