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We have various world coins on the 2nd floor at the Mint Museum. Among them, we introduce unique coins here.

Unique-shaped Coins

Most coins in the world are round shaped, but some have unique shapes such as square and hexagon.

Image of SquareSquare
1cent, Malaysia
Image of Diamond-shapedDiamond-shaped
Rep. of Pakistan
Image of Scallop-shapedScallop-shaped
10rally, Rep. of Maldives
Image of HexagonHexagon
the Union of Myanmar
Image of PolygonPolygon
10dinar, Democratic and People's Rep. of Algeria
Image of BimetalBimetal
10franc, France

Holey Coins

Many countries use holey coins. A hole is usually punched roundly and the size of hole is different among countries.

Image of 25sentimo, Rep. of the Philippines25sentimo, Rep. of the Philippines Image of 5dollar, Bahama Islands5dollar, Bahama Islands

Unique-material Coins

Image of Shell Coin, Ancient Shell Coin, Ancient
Shell was prized because of its luster and shape and used as a coin at the ancient China (B.C.1400 to BC1027).
Image of Stone Coin, Yap Island Stone Coin, Yap Island
Stone, specific to Yap Island in the western Pacific, had been used as a coin until the beginning of the World War II. Small one was carried from place to place. On the other hand, since big one was not good for carrying, only ownership was changed. Some had diameter of more than 3.5 meters.
Image of Shell Coin, Yap Island Shell Coin, Yap Island
Polished shell with a rope made from palm bark

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