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The Japan Mint will hold the International Coin Design Competition (ICDC) 2021 with the objective of encouraging creativity and enhancing the artistry of coin designs. We hope this competition will lead to the discovery of many excellent works, and look forward to your creative, artistic and beautiful coin designs.
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    A sketch and a pair of plaster models (the obverse and reverse sides) of the coin design are required.
    All ages and nationalities are eligible to enter. Entrants do not have to be professionals, but please take notice that entrants should be capable of submitting a pair of plaster models at the final stage.
    A sketch of the coin design (the obverse and reverse sides) is required.
    Any student who is registered at any school and was born on or after August 31st, 1991 is qualified to enter.


    Award for Most Excellent Work (one award): 500,000 yen, an award plaque, and a medal featuring the awarded design
    Award for Excellent Work (one award): 200,000 yen, an award plaque, and a medal featuring the awarded design
    Fine Work (three awards): 100,000 yen
    Award for Future Designer (one award): 50,000 yen and an award plaque
    Jury’s Special Award: 50,000 yen
    Note: The prizes may not be granted if no works deserve the awards.
    Taxes and dues will be deducted from the prize money.


    The judging process consists of the following two stages:
    1. Preliminary Stage: The jury will select about five designs for the final stage from the works submitted by entrants.
    2. Final Stage: The jury will select the prizewinning works from plaster models of the designs selected at the preliminary stage.
    The jury will select a prizewinning work from the designs submitted by entrants.
    Note: The Jury’s Special Award will be granted to works submitted by entrants who show outstanding promise for the future.


  1. GENERAL: Saturday, May 1st, 2021 – Friday, July 30th, 2021
  2. STUDENT: Saturday, May 1st, 2021 – Wednesday, September 15th, 2021
  3. Note: The designs to be entered must arrive at the Japan Mint not later than the last day of the Entry Period above.


I. Common to both GENERAL and STUDENT categories

  1. Each entrant may adopt whatever theme he/she wishes for his/her work.
  2. Works for entry must be unpublished and original.
  3. Each entrant may submit up to three works in total in the GENERAL and STUDENT categories combined.
  4. Designs must be drawn in accordance with the following specifications:
    1. Designs must be drawn in two perfect circles 120 mm in diameter (the obverse design should be on the left and the reverse design should be on the right) on a sheet of 210 mm x 297 mm (A4) paper.
    2. Designs must be drawn on the assumption that they are to be for a coin of 30-mm diameter.
    3. Designs must be drawn in black and white.
    4. Any drawing materials are acceptable.
    5. Designs may not be creased or folded.

II. Rules for plaster models (GENERAL category only)

  1. Entrants who qualify for the final stage will be required to submit a pair of plaster models (the obverse and reverse sides) made faithfully on the basis of the designs selected at the preliminary stage.
  2. Plaster models should be engraved designs on a plaster base with an internal diameter of 120 mm. Qualified entrants will be notified of further details later.
  3. Entrants may have third persons make such plaster models at their own expense if it is difficult for them to make such models themselves.


  1. Works (designs and plaster models) submitted to the Competition will not be returned to the entrants.
  2. Entrants are responsible for sending works to the designated address at their own expense. The Japan Mint is not responsible for any damages or losses during shipping of the works.
  3. The copyright to submitted works shall belong to the Japan Mint upon entry. (Submitted works to the Competition should not be submitted to any other competition until the prizewinning works have been selected.) After the prizewinning works have been selected, however, the copyright to submitted works other than the prizewinning works shall belong to respective entrants.
  4. Entrants shall permit the Japan Mint to exhibit, present, and otherwise use submitted works for publicity purposes.
  5. The copyright to the prizewinning works shall belong to the Japan Mint.
    The Mint may utilize designs and/or plaster models of the prizewinning works for the following purposes:
    1. Production and sales of medals
    2. Posting on the Japan Mint Web site and in brochures about the ICDC
    3. Any other business of the Japan Mint
  6. In the event that a dispute with a third person occurs concerning copyright or any other rights in regard to the submitted works, the entrants shall bear responsibility for such disputes and shall resolve them themselves.
  7. The prizewinning works may be revised if the Japan Mint uses them for medal designs.
  8. Prizewinners shall submit photographic portraits and personal resumes at the request of the Japan Mint, which has the right to utilize them for the purposes described in the above 5.
  9. The Japan Mint cannot accept any inquiries concerning the results of the competition.
  10. If non-compliance of any of the prizewinning works with the entry rules is discovered, the prize may be withdrawn.


Please attach a paper presenting your information to the reverse side of your sketches and send them to the address given below. The information should be written in Japanese or English and consist of:

  1. Name and title (Mr./Mrs./Ms.)
  2. Date of birth (Day, Month, Year)
  3. Address, including country and zip/post code
  4. Telephone number, fax number, and E-mail address
  5. Category (GENERAL or STUDENT)
  6. Name of your school (entrants in STUDENT category only)
  7. Title of the work
  8. Theme and brief description of your designs
  9. How did you know about this competition?

The personal information collected from the entrants shall be only used for the management of the competition.


Japan Mint
Attention: ICDC 2021 Secretariat
1-79 Temma 1-chome
Kita-ku, Osaka
530-0043 JAPAN
(Please write “COIN DESIGN” in red on the envelope.)


  1. Preliminary Stage:
    Successful entrants will be informed directly of the results of the judging by Mid September, 2021. The scheduled deadline for the submission of plaster models for the final stage will be by Tuesday, November 30th, 2021.
  2. Final Results:
    Prizewinners will be informed of the final results of the judging for both the GENERAL and STUDENT categories by the end of December, 2021.
    Note: Information on the works that have qualified for the final stage and prizewinning works will be published on the Japan Mint Web site ( Unsuccessful entrants will not be informed. Winners of the Most Excellent Work and Excellent Work awards will be exhibited at the Tokyo International Coin Convention to be held in May 2022.


Japan Mint

JURY (scheduled)

(Sculptor/ Medallist, Former Chief Officer for Design of Japan Mint / Auditor-Secretary of Japan Art Medal Association)

IINO Ichiro
(Chaser, Professor Emeritus of Tokyo University of the Arts)

(Contemporary artist, Former Special Assistant to the President of Tokyo University of the Arts)

President of Japan Mint

Director of Design and Engraving Division, Japan Mint


Japan Mint
Attention: ICDC 2021 Secretariat
Tel: +81-6-6351-2628
Fax: +81-6-6351-6529