Accessibility Guideline

Accessibility for Japan Mint’s website
In order for easy accessibility for everyone including the elderly and those who are disabled to our website, we have given careful consideration to the creation, operation and development of the contents for the site.

Points for Accessibility

We have attempted to follow the Guidelines for older persons and persons with Disabilities Information and Communication equipment, software and services Part 3: Web content (JIS X 8341-3) that was established in 2004.

For example, we make the following arrangements for accessibility.

  • Topic path navigation (also referred to as breadcrumb navigation): Locates the current webpage in the context of the navigation path.
  • Navigation can be skipped.
  • When using audio browsers, easy to understand content.
  • Alternative text: Shows text descriptions of the content of an image if image display is disabled and in audio browsers.
  • Color tone: Distinctive contrast between text color and background color to make it easier to read the text.
  • Text size: Letters can be magnified and reduced and we explain how to change the font size on the site.