2. What is the history of "Cherry blossom viewing" at Japan Mint?

Located along the river, the premises of Japan Mint have been picturesque place since olden days. It has been called "SAKURANOMIYA", or "Palace of Cherry Trees," because cherry blossoms bloom abundantly here every spring.

The cherry trees located on the grounds of Japan Mint were transferred from the mansion of a feudal lord owned by the Toudo Domain. Since the collection of cherry trees includes many unique varieties, in 1883 Mint Director Kinsuke Endo suggested that the cherry blossoms should be admired not only by mint employees but by all residents of Osaka. From that point forward, the lane along the riverfront has been opened to the general public for one week each year when the cherry trees are in bloom.

Apart from a period of time during the war when the lane was closed, "Cherry Blossom Viewing at Japan Mint" has been well-known as a special spring event in Osaka. During the event, hundreds of thousands of visitors gather to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms and the picturesque setting along the river.