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World Heritage Coin Sets 13. Shiretoko

Shiretoko is derived from the Ainu word "sir etok", means "the end of Mother Earth". In the center of the peninsula, there is a range of precipitous mountains, of which Mt. Rausu is the most notable. Along with streams and forests retaining their primeval form. This area is important habitat for Steller’s sea eagle, white-trailed eagle, Blakiston’s fish-owl and other globally-threatened birds as well as brown bears, Yezo sika deer and many other wild animals.
The sea around Shiretoko lies at the lowest latitude among the seasonal sea ice areas. The plankton and other organisms brought by the ice attract fish that eat them, while these plentiful fish attract marine mammals including seals and Steller’s sea lion.
From spring, when the bitter winter ends and the snow begins to melt, through summer, the Villa kitamiana and other alpine plants unique to the Shiretoko mountain range can be seen.
Integrated marine and terrestrial ecosystems, Shiretoko is a region rich in unspoilt nature, where a wide variety of plants and animals coexist.

Image of Coin set of Shiretoko