World Heritage Coin Sets

A world heritage is one listed by the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for the purpose of protection of mankind's valuable cultural and natural legacies.

18 sites were registered as a world heritage site in Japan. Japan Mint has issued the World Heritage Coin Sets to promote the sites in Japan both domestically and internationally since1995 every time the sites were inscribed on the World Heritage List.

Let us protect our valuable cultural heritage and transmit it to future generations.

Please click the names of the sites, and learn about world heritage sites in Japan.

Image of Map for learning world heritage in Japan

No.5 about Shirakami No.10 about Nikko No.6 about Shirakawa No.3 about Kyoto No.9 about Nara No.1 about Horyuji No.2 about Himeji No.8 about Hiroshima No.7 about Itsukushima No.04 about Yakushima No.11 about Ryukyu No.12 about Kiisanchi No.13 about Shiretoko No.14 about IwamiGinzan No.15 about Hiraizumi No.16 about Ogasawara Islands No.17 about Fujisan No.18 about Tomioka Silk Mill