Silver Medallion "Futabayama"

Image of Silver Medallion "Futabayama"

The Japan Mint takes up famous historical characters as the subjects of medals, manufacturing and selling these as a series of "portrait medals."

In 2012, the featured character is Futabayama, the 35th yokozuna grand champion of sumo, who was born 100 years ago this year.

Futabayama (whose real name was Akiyoshi Sadaji), was born in Usa District (now Usa City), Oita Prefecture, and was one of the most famous grand champions of the Showa era, achieving an unprecedented record of 69 consecutive wins between 1936 and 1939. This outstanding feat has yet to be bettered today.

Hakuho, the 69th yokozuna, who came close to Futabayama's record in 2010 with 63 consecutive wins, is also known to have great respect for Futabayama, visiting Usa Shrine in his home town in November 2011 and performing a ring – entering ceremony there.

We hope this medal will be a treasured possession for years to come.

Medallion Design

Obverse: The design of this medal to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Futabayama features portraits of Futabayama, in whom both strength and gentleness can be discerned, and Hakuho, who is striving toward the target of surpassing him.

Reverse: The right – hand side shows a wooden rooster to symbolize Futabayama and the left a phoenix to symbolize Hakuho, with the referee's fan presented to the victor in the center. The area containing the referee's fan is treated with the frosting finish (nashiji) processing technique, and contains the characters "Futabayama" in Futabayama's own calligraphy depicted by using latent imaging.

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Material Pure Silver (Fineness Certification stamped by Japan Mint*)
Weight Approximately 160g
Diameter 60mm
Finishing Oxidized Silver Finish
Scheduled Sales Qty. 3,000 pieces
Price JPY 25,143 + shipping and insurance charges

* Mint Certification Mark of Precious Metal Wares (Hallmark)
The Japan Mint examines and certifies the fineness of precious metal wares by stamping specific marks on all wares that pass this examination. These marks are commonly called hallmarks.

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