Silver Medallion "Date Masamune"

Image of Silver Medallion Date Masamune

The Japan Mint takes up famous historical characters as the subjects of medals, manufacturing and selling these as a series of "portrait medals."

This year, 2013 (Heisei 25), marks the 400th anniversary of the Keicho-era Mission to Europe sent by Date Masamune, and he has therefore been chosen as the subject of this medal.

Date Masamune was a feudal warlord of the Dewa and Mutsu provinces during the Sengoku (Warring States) period (mid-15th to early 17th centuries), who became the first feudal lord of the Mutsu-Sendai Domain. In 1613 (Keicho 18), he sent a mission led by his retainer Hasekura Tsunenaga to Spain and Rome, seeking direct trade with Nueva España (Mexico). The mission sailed across the Pacific Ocean in the Sant Juan Bautista, a European-style sailing ship that had been built in the Sendai Domain, and received audiences with King Philip III of Spain and Pope Paul V.

This medal depicts Date Masamune, with a design featuring the Sant Juan Bautista and Hasekura Tsunenaga on the reverse. We hope this medal, which commemorates events of 400 years before, will be a treasured possession for years to come.

Medallion Design

Obverse: Statue of Date Masamune on horseback and signature of Date Masamune

Reverse: The reverse uses color printing and microdot processing technology (on the waves) to depict the Sant Juan Bautista, the ship used by the Keicho-era Mission to Europe, and a portrait of Hasekura Tsunenaga.

Signature of Date Masamune (from a replica of the letter from Date Masamune to the Pope) (in the collection of Sendai City Museum)
Replica of the Sant Juan Bautista, the ship that carried the Keicho-era Mission (from the collection of the Miyagi Sant Juan Bautista Museum)
Portrait of Hasekura Tsunenaga (a National Treasure, in the collection of Sendai City Museum)

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Material Pure Silver (Fineness Certification stamped by Japan Mint*)
Weight Approximately 160g
Diameter 60mm
Finishing Oxidized Silver Finish
Scheduled Sales Qty. 3,000 pieces
Price JPY 23,810 + shipping and insurance costs

* Mint Certification Mark of Precious Metal Wares (Hallmark)
The Japan Mint examines and certifies the fineness of precious metal wares by stamping specific marks on all wares that pass this examination. These marks are commonly called hallmarks.

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