National Treasure Medallion Series "Nikko Toshogu" Shrine

National Treasures, unparalleled treasures for the Japanese people, are government-designated tangible cultural properties selected based on their importance to world culture.

The Medal of National Treasure is a medal series with the theme of valuable national treasure and its attendant cultural properties. This time we have chosen "Nikko Toshogu" Shrine as the theme, which is registered as a world cultural heritage.

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Obverse: Yomei-mon, the most famous gate of Nikko Toshogu
Reverse: "Nemurineko" (sleeping cat), said to be carved by Hidari Jingoro (a famous temple carpenter and sculptor), and the name "Nikko Toshogu" in kanji (Chinese characters) and "Guri Pattern on Sakasa-bashira"*, both represented by latent images.
* Yomei-mon has twelve columns with spiral, or "Guri," patterns. On one of them, the patterns are carved as an upside-down spiral, called "Mayoke-no-Sakasa-bashira" meaning "an inverted column to ward off evil spirits."

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Pure Silver Medallion

Image of National Treasure Medallion Series "Nikko Toshogu" Shrine; Pure Platinum Medallion

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Specifications of Pure Silver Medallion

Material Pure silver (Fineness Certification stamped by Japan Mint*)
Finishing Oxidized Finish
Weight Approximately 160 g
Diameter 60 mm
Price JPY 24,630 + shipping and insurance charges
Scheduled Sales Quantity 3,000 pcs

* Mint Certification Mark of Precious Metal Wares (Hallmark)
The Japan Mint examines and certifies the fineness of precious metal wares by stamping specific marks on all wares that pass this examination. These marks are commonly called hallmarks.

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