National Treasure Medal "Byodoin Temple"

Image of National Treasure Medal "Byodoin Temple"

National Treasures are government – designated tangible cultural properties selected as peerless treasures of the Japanese people on the basis of their importance to world culture.

The National Treasure Medals comprise a series of medals on the theme of precious national treasures and their attendant cultural properties. For this series we have chosen Byodoin Temple, which is registered as a world cultural heritage site among the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto and contains many national treasures, as the subject.

Medallion Design

Obverse: The obverse depicts a relief of the Phoenix Hall of Byodoin Temple, used in the design of the 10 – yen bronze coin, and one of the phoenixes on its roof.

Reverse: The design of the reverse features a statue of a bodhisattva riding on a cloud (unchu kuyo bosatsu, no. 20 north) against the background of a precious – flower arabesque motif (hosoge karakusa monyo) depicted by using the frosting finish (nashiji) processing technique.*

*A processing technique of engraving a minutely irregular surface, thereby diffusing reflection to obtain a pearskin – like texture.


Material Pure Silver (Fineness Certification stamped by Japan Mint*)
Weight Approximately 160g
Diameter 60mm
Finishing Oxidized Silver Finish

* Mint Certification Mark of Precious Metal Wares (Hallmark)
The Japan Mint examines and certifies the fineness of precious metal wares by stamping specific marks on all wares that pass this examination. These marks are commonly called hallmarks.

Procedure of Order Placement