Horyuji Temple Silver Medallion

Image of Horyuji Temple Silver Medallion

The Japan Mint is proud to release a silver medallion featuring Horyuji Temple consisting of many structures designated as National Treasures and National Important Cultural Properties, and inscribed on the World Cultural Heritage List in 1993.
The obverse side of the medal features the Five-Story Pagoda (designated as National Treasure of Japan), the Main Hall (designated as National Treasure of Japan), and the Guardian Deities (designated as National Important Cultural Property of Japan), which are made of clay and stand towering on each side of the Central Gate producing a mighty atmosphere, while the reverse side features the image depicted inside the small shrine dedicated by Lady Tachibana.

Horyuji Temple
Horyuji Temple contains the world's oldest surviving wooden structures, conveying images of Japan as it existed during the Asuka Period (end of 6th -beginning of 8th century). Throughout the grounds are many irreplaceable structures that were mainly constructed in the Asuka Period. Horyuji Temple is composed of the Western Precinct, which is centered around the Five-Story Pagoda and the Main Hall, and the Eastern Precinct, which is arranged around the Hall of Visions (designated as National Treasure of Japan).

Five-Story Pagoda
A pagoda is the most important structure in Buddhist temples where the relics of Buddha are enshrined. The pagoda of Horyuji Temple with the height of 31.5m is the oldest pagoda in Japan.

Main Hall
Celestial beings fly with phoenixes along the eaves of the ceiling mounted canopies in a style reminiscent of the ancient Central-Asian lands. On the surrounding wall are world-famous mural decorations for ancient depictions of Buddhist paradise, being reminiscent of the beauty of the day they were created.

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Material Pure Silver
Diameter 60mm
Weight Approximately 155g
Thickness 5.2mm
Packaging Presentation box

Procedure of Order Placement