Cloisonné Silver Medallion "Tenjin Festival"

Image of Cloisonné Silver Medallion "Tenjin Festival"

Japan Mint's Cloisonné Silver Medallion Series have featured traditional Japanese performing arts such as KABUKI, NOH and GAGAKU. This year, we are pleased to inform you that we start a new series with a theme of "Japanese Festival". The first festival is the Tenjin Festival, which, over its long history and tradition, is renowned as one of Japan's three major festivals.

The history of the Tenjin Festival, the summer festival of Osaka Tenmangu Shrine, dates back to 951, two years after the Shrine was built. It is believed that the festival originates from the practice where worshipers and those living near the shrine set boats adrift on the river to welcome "Kamihoko," a small wooden float substituting for God. On the occasion, a purification ceremony called "Misogi" was held at a ritual site at the place to where "Kamihoko" had drifted from, Shato-no-hama beach.

The festival reaches its climax during Funatogyo, an event in which many boats sail up and down the Okawa River and fireworks are set off to mark the occasion.

Obverse Design
"Ningyo-bune" (boat carrying traditional dolls), "fireworks," "Osaka Castle" and "Kawasaki Bridge" from Funatogyo. These are painted richly and subtly by cloisonne enamels in six colors: Yellow, Turquoise, Black, Transparent Prussian Blue, Red and White.

Reverse Design
Japanese characters meaning "Tenjin Festival" and a fan bearing the crest of Osaka Tenmangu Shrine in the background of silhouettes of Funatogyo and the Okawa River.

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Material Pure Silver
Diameter 60mm
Weight about 160g
Finishing Cloisonné enameled, Gold-plated
Packaging lacquerred wooden presentation box
Scheduled Sales Qty. 400 pieces
Price JPY 121,905 + shipping and insurance charges

Procedure of Order Placement