Cloisonné Silver Medallion "Kanda Festival"

Image of Cloisonné Silver Medallion "Kanda Festival"

This cloisonné silver medallion has been designed and manufactured featuring motifs from on the theme of the Kanda Festival, one of Japan's three major festivals , which boasts a long history and tradition.

The main festival of the Kanda Festival is a ritual held at Kanda Shrine in Tokyo, which is celebrated in mid-May every other year. The festival came under the auspices of the Tokugawa shogunate in the early Edo period (1603–1868), incorporating a ritual procession with mikoshi portable shrines through the grounds of Edo Castle, and was watched by the Shogun and his wife and concubines as well as other notables. For this reason, it became known as the "Tenka Festival," meaning a festival held in the presence of the Shogun, generally called "Tenka-bito" (the ruler of the world).
The festive mood is enhanced by several different events, including the Jinkōsai, in which three hōren mikoshi portable shrines decorated with phoenixes parade around the area, the Mikoshi Miyairi, when numerous gaily decorated mikoshi enter the shrine precincts, and the Reitaisai, the most important religious ritual.

Medallion Design

Obverse Design
The obverse features the Ichinomiya Hōren , one of the phoenix-decorated mikoshi, leaving the Zuishinmon Gate of Kanda Jinja Shrine to set out on procession, which is depicted skillfully in seven colors using a sophisticated cloisonné technique.

Reverse Design
The design of the reverse features characters spelling out "Kanda Matsuri," the Nagare-mitsudomoe crest of Kanda Jinja Shrine, and depicts a scene of mikoshi entering the shrine precincts.

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Material Pure Silver
Weight Approximately 160g
Diameter 60mm
Finishing Cloisonné enameled / Gold plating
Packaging Lacquerred wooden presentation box

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