2013 Cherry Blossom Viewing Silver Medal

Image of 2013 Cherry Blossom Viewing Silver Medal

Since its inception in 1883, the Japan Mint's Cherry Blossom Viewing has enjoyed lasting popularity as one of Osaka's best–loved spring traditions. The Japan Mint is proud to release the 2013 "Cherry Blossom Viewing" Silver Medal, featuring the blossom of the year "Amanogawa" ("Milkey Way").

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Obverse: Orihime (the Weaver Princess) and Hikoboshi (the Cowherd), the lovers in the Tanabata legend, crossing the bridge over the Milky Way, which is formed by a flock of magpies (kasasagi-no-hashi), to meet each other.
Reverse: The blossom of the year "Amanogawa" ("Milky Way") (depicted in color).

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Specifications of Pure Silver Medal

Material Pure silver (Fineness Certification stamped by Japan Mint*)
Finishing Oxidized Silver Finish
Weight Approximately 135 g
Diameter 55 mm
Price JPY 21,019 + shipping and insurance charges
Scheduled Sales Quantity 2,000 pcs

* Mint Certification Mark of Precious Metal Wares (Hallmark)
The Japan Mint examines and certifies the fineness of precious metal wares by stamping specific marks on all wares that pass this examination. These marks are commonly called hallmarks.

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