2010 Techno Proof Coin Set

Image of 2010 Techno Proof Coin Set

The concept behind this Techno Proof Coin Set is to introduce a technological innovation recently developed by the Japan Mint and incorporate it in a round medal in the center of the set.
The coin set comprises six denominations of proof coins (500 yen nickel-brass, 100 yen cupronickel, 50 yen cupronickel, 10 yen bronze, 5 yen brass, and 1 yen aluminum coins) issued in 2010, all with frosted designs embossed on beautifully polished surfaces, together with a round medal at the center of the set.
This round pure silver medal (Weight: 8.5 g, Diameter: 27 mm) features Iridescent Color Shining Technology. This technology utilizes microgrooves produced by high-precision technology to create an iridescent shine on a metal surface, by using the light interference effect. The reflections of this iridescent color enable the image of a futuristic city to be seen on the obverse of the round medal.
The reverse side features the tiger, this year's oriental zodiac symbol, bamboo leaves, and the kanji characters for this year in the sexagenary cycle (kanoe-tora).

Scheduled Mintage: 20,000 sets