Sales of Metallic Art Objects

The Japan Mint produces and sells exquisite metallic art products in order to maintain and improve the producing techniques for coins and orders. The masterly workmanship and the beauty of classic Japanese design have attracted many people in the world. As one of your fine collection, or special gift for a special person, we confidently recommend our products.

Especially our Cloisonné ware is a beautiful art object with enamel decoration technique, which, in Japan, has been developed for a long time, is applied and well received both at home and abroad.

Custom-Made Products

Image of Custom-Made Products

  • Performance Award Medals
    (Honorary Citizen Medals)
  • Cloisonné Medallion
  • Medals
  • Ornamental Plates
  • Please click "About Kinzoku Kougei" for the detailed information. (Japanese)

Japan Mint Original Goods

  • Paperweights
  • Medallions
  • Electrotype Plaques

You can order our product directly from us if it is available.
Please click "International Sales" for the detailed information.