"400th Anniversary of Japan – Spain Relations" 2013 Proof Coin Set

Image of "400th Anniversary of Japan-Spain Relations" 2013 Proof Coin Set


Date Masamune, the first feudal lord of the Sendai domain, sent a diplomatic mission (the Keicho-era Mission to Europe) to the King of Spain and the Pope in the 18th year of the Keicho era (1613). Hasekura Tsunenaga, the retainer chosen to lead the mission, sailed across the Pacific Ocean together with the missionary Luis Sotelo in the Sant Juan Bautista, a European-style sailing ship that had been built in the Sendai feudal domain, and received an audience with King Phillip III of Spain the following year (1614).

To mark the 400th anniversary of the Keicho-era Mission to Europe, from 2013 to 2014, a project titled the "Spain-Japan Dual Year" will be launched, under which a wide range of events will be held in both Japan and Spain to promote friendly interactions between the two nations. We, the Japan Mint, is proud to announce that the proof coin set has been developed in collaboration with the Royal Mint of Spain to mark this anniversary.

Main images used on this coin set are gold coins from the era in which the mission was dispatched (a gold escudo coin issued in Spain in 1614 and a Keicho Oban (large-sized gold coin) in Japan) from the collections of the respective mints and the national flowers (carnations for Spain and cherry blossoms from Japan).

The coin set includes:

  • Six Japanese legal tender coins issued in 2013 in proof condition (a 500 yen nickel-brass proof coin, a 100 yen cupronickel proof coin, a 50 yen cupronickel proof coin, a 10 yen bronze proof coin, a 5 yen brass proof coin and a 1 yen aluminum proof coin),
  • A silver commemorative proof coin minted by the Royal Mint of Spain to mark the "Spain-Japan Dual Year" (Ag 92.5%, Diameter: 40.0mm, Weight: 27.0g, Obverse Design: Portrait of Juan Carlos I, Reverse Design: Portrait of Hasekura Tunenaga, the Sant Juan Bautista, the national flags of Spain and Japan (depicted by using latent image technology) ),
  • A Certificate of Authenticity (English/Japanese),

Scheduled Mintage: 18,000 sets

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