2012 Children’s Song Coin Set "Song of Four Seasons"

Image of 2012 Children' s Song Coin Set

We started this Japanese children's song series in 2008 with aims to pass down children's songs for generations and to enrich customer's minds. This set features "Song of Four Seasons", which has been sung over generations.

The coin set includes:

  • Six Japanese legal tender coins in Brilliant Uncirculated condition (a 500 yen nickel-brass coin, a 100 yen cupronickel coin, a 50 cupronickel coin, a 10 yen bronze coin, a 5 yen brass coin and a 1 yen aluminum coin),
  • A red brass medal designed in the image of Song of Four Seasons,
  • A plastic display case,
  • A book-shaped case and a built-in music box playing the song "Shiki no Uta (Song of Four Seasons ),"
  • A paper slip case.

About "Song of Four Seasons"

This is one of the representative children's songs in Japan.

It was chosen as one of the "Selection of 100 Japanese Songs", which was sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs and National Congress of PTA of Japan in 2006, to pass down unique Japanese songs from parents to children.

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