2012 Cherry Blossom Viewing Proof Coin Set

Image of 2012 Cherry Blossom Viewing Proof Coin Set

Since its inception in 1883, the Japan Mint's Cherry Blossom Viewing has enjoyed lasting popularity as one of Osaka's best–loved spring traditions. The Japan Mint is proud to release the 2012 “Cherry Blossom Viewing” Proof Coin Set. The obverse of the silver medal is color printed with kodemari blossoms, while the reverse depicts a temari thread ball design using the frosting finish processing technique with a gold evaporation finish. The outer case shows kodemari blossoms and a temari thread ball, the leather case depicts a girl playing with a temari, and the plastic case illustrates kodemari blossoms and temari. Each proof coin, beautifully produced by our Mint by using special techniques, shines like a mirror on the hollow area of its surface while its embossed parts are frosted.

“2012 Cherry Blossom Viewing in Osaka”

The coin set includes:

  • Six Japanese legal tender coins in proof condition (a 500 yen nickel-brass proof coin, a 100 yen cupronickel proof coin, a 50 yen cupronickel proof coin, a 10 yen bronze proof coin, a 5 yen brass proof coin and a 1 yen aluminum proof coin),
  • A color sterling silver (Ag 92.5%) medal (Diameter: 35mm, Weight: 20g),
  • A Certificate of Authenticity (English/Japanese),
  • A paper slipcase featuring the Blossom of the Year, “Kodemari.”

Scheduled Mintage: 20,000 sets

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