World Natural Heritage Coin Set (Ogasawara Islands)

Image of World Natural Heritage Coin Set (Ogasawara Islands)

Japan Mint has released World Natural Heritage Coin Set to commemorate the registration of Ogasawara Islands as World Heritage.

The Ogasawara Islands are a cluster of islands scattered over about 400 km from north to south, on the sea 1,000 km south of the Japanese archipelago. The World Heritage sites of the Ogasawara Islands are: the Mukojima, Chichijima and Hahajima island groups of the Bonin Islands (the uninhabited terrestrial areas and a part of their surrounding marine areas);Kita-iwōtōand Minami-iwōtōof the Kazan (Iwo) Islands; and Nishinoshima, located west of the Bonin Islands. They have unique ecological system, and offer many unique sights of rocks and landscapes. The Ogasawara Islands was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in June 2011.

The coin set includes:

  • Six Japanese legal tender coins in Brilliant Uncirculated condition (a 500 yen nickel-brass coin, a 100 yen cupronickel coin, a 50 yen cupronickel coin, a 10 yen bronze coin, a 5 yen brass coin and a 1 yen aluminum coin),
  • A plastic display case,
  • A presentation folder with color pictures (One of them is a three-dimensional picture, which enables you to enjoy the beautiful coral reefs in the sea of Ogasawara in stereoscopic image.)

Scheduled Mintage: 40,000 sets

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