2012 Mint Set

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This is a standard coin set including six circulating coins of Japan. These Brilliant Uncirculated coins are set in a transparent plastic display case and a paper packaging, together with a round red-brass medal featuring the year of issue and this year's Chinese zodiac, the Dragon. A paper packaging contains explanations of the events concerning Japanese coins in 2012.

‹Events concerning Japanese Coins in 2012›
"30th anniversary of the 500 yen cupronickel coin"
The 500 yen cupronickel coin was first issued in 1982 (Showa 57). It was 26.5 mm in diameter and 7.2 g in weight, with a design featuring paulownia on the obverse and bamboo and mandarin orange (wild orange) on the reverse, and the lettering "NIPPON ♦ 500 ♦ NIPPON ♦ 500 ♦" engraved around the rim. The metal was changed to the present nickel-brass in 2000 (Heisei 12) to prevent counterfeiting and alteration.

"140th anniversary of the Annual Trial of the Pyx"
The Annual Trial of the Pyx is a test of the weight of the coins manufactured by the Japan Mint, carried out to maintain confidence in the currency. The Annual Trial of the Pyx has been carried out continuously since 1872 (Meiji 5), when it was first performed by Mr. Kaoru Inoue, then Finance Minister and Head of the Japan Mint.

The coin set includes:

  • Six Japanese legal tender coins in Brilliant Uncirculated condition (a 500 yen nickel-brass coin, a 100 yen cupronickel coin, a 50 yen cupronickel coin, a 10 yen bronze coin, a 5 yen brass coin and a 1 yen aluminum coin),
  • A red brass medal (Diameter 27.0mm, Weight: 7.5g),
  • A plastic display case,
  • A paper packaging.

Scheduled Mintage: 160,000 sets

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