35th Anniversary of DORAEMON 2005 Coin Set

Image of 35th Anniversary of DORAEMON 2005 Coin Set
©Fujiko-Pro, Shogakukan, and TV-Asahi

DORAEMON, a cartoon character loved by millions across the globe, marks its 35th anniversary this year. To celebrate this remarkable event, we, Japan Mint, have released this endearing coin set.

This coin set features the unique case. It has the shape of DORAEMON himself, and by opening it from the side, you can see six denominations of Japan's uncirculated coins and a DORAEMON red-brass medal within a transparent plastic case on one side. Music box is attached on the other side, and whenever opening the coin set, you can listen to the joyful theme music of DORAEMON.

Dealers For 35th Anniversary of DORAEMON 2005 Coin Set

For South Korea


For Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore

International Coins (Hong Kong) Limited

For Taiwan

Bank of Taiwan, Trading Department

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