International Sales


International Sales for Overseas Customers

Even though you don’t live in Japan, you can purchase our commemorative coins and coin sets by contacting our international dealers.

Or if you live in the following countries and areas, you can get a part of our product lineups, including our exquisite metallic art objects, also directly at our online shop.

South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia,
United States of America, France,
Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Czech Republic and Poland

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If you cannot buy our products by the above methods, please kindly contact us (Phone: (+81) 6 6351 5087, Fax: (+81) 6 6351 6608, We will be pleased to check the availability from our inventory for you. (Please note that some products will be excluded from our international retail sales.) For more detail, please check here.

As one of your fine collection, or special gift for a special person, we confidently recommend our products.